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Binary options – strategy of the triangle’s breaking

10 November 2013 • Binary options strategies

The more I analyse investment’s strategies and systems, the more I realize that in order to invest with binary options, more than with trading, it’s important to make a good technical analysis to understand how the market is moving. To do this it’s necessary a training in the graphs’ reading.

Reading a candlesticks graphs is somehow like reading a book in which you cannot imagine what is going to happen except in some cases in which the plot seems directed towards a precise direction. The ability of a trader is being able to read between the lines and identify in some cases what is going to happen.

After this short analogy, I’ll show you that the strategy we are facing today will seem more clear and understandable to you.

Let’s take a candlesticks graph with 1 minute time-frame. Taken? Well! Now let’s watch it. The signal we are looking for is the forming of a triangle, like showed in the two following figures:

strategy of the triangle’s breaking

In both figures we identified a pattern generating a triangle. In the first one the basis of the triangle is a resistance and in the second one it’s a support. In both cases we had at least two evident attempts before breaking the level (resistance or support). The green point shows the moment in which you should invest, in case of breaking of a resistance with a SU binary option and in case of a support’s breaking with a GIU binary option.

This time however, despite the graph’s timeframe is 1 minute, the expiration we will choose will be of at least 20 minutes.

So, it isn’t necessary to use a broker offering turbo binary options, you can also use a good broker allowing to invest in standard binary options, with expiration after 15 or 30 minutes, 1 hour and so on. We will choose the expiration nearest to 20 minutes.


Recommended brokers for this type of strategy:

If we see that the next expiration of the asset for which we identified this configuration is 15 minutes, we take the immediately following one. On the contrary if we see that the next expiration is 23 minutes, we can take that one.

It’s useless to say that this pattern can become a still more precise signal, enriching the graph in a suitable way with oscillators, bands and other technical analysis’ tools. Everyone of us should find the most suitable tool to optimize his/her results. It would be beautiful if you published your results and configurations in the comments’ area here under.

What you should know is that this pattern can be very useful and if you manage to identify it, it would be very helpful for you.

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Like all strategies, it cannot ensure a continuous success, it depends a lot from the macro-economic situations in which we are. So, it’s also important to pay attention to the economic calendar, in order to avoid trading in presence of macro-economic news that could substantially affect the interested assets.

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