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24option chart

24option introduces the graphs for technical analysis

25 February 2014 • Broker

It’s now available, on 24option trading platform, the Candlestick graph on which you can make technical analysis

The graph seems really excellent. It has practically everything you need to do technical analysis.

First of all you can choose the type of graph:

  • § Candlestick
  • § OHLC
  • § Line
  • § Area

You can set a time frame:

  • § 1 minute
  • § 5 minutes
  • § 30 minutes
  • § 60 minutes

It has several zoom tools

It’s equipped with several drawing tools:

  • § Horizontal lines
  • § Vertical lines
  • § Trend Lines
  • § Parallel lines
  • § Zigzag
  • § Several geometric shapes

It has customizable studying tools, such as:

  • § MACD
  • § RSI
  • § Mobile averages
  • § Stochastic
  • § Bollinger bands
  • § Etc…

It has a whole menu dedicated to Fibonacci tools:

  • § Fibonacci retracements
  • § Fibonacci zones
  • § Fibonacci fan lines
  • § Fibonacci extensions

… and much more.

24option graphs

All the above said is available for every type of binary options and for all assets.

Moreover it can also be enlarged at full screen.

For those who visit our blog, but also for other people, is very useful the possibility to capture the graph image with all the studies in order to easily share it with whoever they want or simply to store it on their device.

It’s an ideal chart for all those who don’t use platforms such as Metatrader or similar ones, it’s web-based and so functions very well both on Windows and on Mac and Linux.

In short, this was the only thing 24 option was lacking of, and now it’s there.

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