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Algobit Testimonial

Algobit user testimonial

12 January 2014 • Binary options robot, Broker

This is a testimony of a user.

Algobit Testimonial Struggling to meet my monthly payments and obligations to my family, I followed a friend’s advice and joined OptionBit’s trading platform. Although my trading experience wasn’t as profitable as my friend’s, I expected it as I had no trading experience and beginnings are always hard. Two months after I’ve started trading, OptionBit launched Algobit– their in-house developed trading-alerts system that changed my trading experience altogether.

Algobit is an algorithm based system that scans financial markets worldwide and alerts traders when a potentially profitable trend is forming. With Algobit doing most of the trading work for me, all I had to do is optimize Algobit’s features to my liking.

When trading with Algobit, you can trade 2,5,10 and 30 minute trades, set by you- you simply choose the trade’s expiry time and follow the signal provided by the system. Another great tool seen with Algobit is your ability to set its sensitivity- meaning what exactly is a potentially profitable trend. When more sensitive you will be alerted by movements relatively mild, yet you will have many signals to follow. When set to a low sensitivity mode, you will receive less alerts yet you can count on the received ones as being of high profit potential.  Moreover, you can follow your trade’s evolution during the trade’s duration by watching its streaming chart, making it very easy for you to assess your upcoming profits.

After I’ve learned about Algobit and say for myself to which extent it can actually alter my trades, I told all my friends about it, some are actually trading veterans and not novices like me and I saw that all react to Algobit in the exact same way- full of awe. It doesn’t matter if you know exactly what you’re doing, or if Algobit’s signals are the only ones you can count on for potential profit- Algobit is a tool you would like to use when trading simply as it does trading’s tedious work for you. You no longer need to follow each and every currency pair, waiting for a trend or a correction. You no longer need to schedule your life according to the economic calendar- all you need to do now is follow the alerts and signals given to you by Algobit.

I was amazed to see how easily profits can be generated when trading with the help of Algobit. Trading is now a fun and easy going activity I can do in my leisure time, a hobby that is very much profitable and enjoyable!

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