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Algobit- You don’t want to trade without it!

11 September 2013 • Binary options robot, Broker

Algobit As so much has already been said and written about Algobit, it’s quite hard to imagine there are still traders out there who are not familiar with this amazing signal system; but then again, we don’t really believe enough can be said about Algobit.
Algobit is the super innovative signal system powered by OptionBit, one of the leading Binary Options trading platforms provider. While the online trading market is introducing trading bots almost on a daily basis, OptionBit managed doing something really different with Algobit.
Unlike other trading bot that trade completely instead of the trader, leaving him there to watch the results on his screen, Algobit is a signal system that alerts the trader each time a profitable trade is forming. Based on short term trading algorithms, the signals generated by Algobit exhibit 90% accuracy- all the trader has to do is enter his trades according to the signals and watch his balance rise. It is really as simple and as profitable as we just made it sound.
Algobit has many other features to help traders maximize their trading potential- Algobit has a sensitivity measurement with which traders can decide upon the trends’ strength; although Algobit is designed to provide short term signals, it’s precision rate does not decrease with long term trades and above all- even with this system, traders can choose the “manual trading” option and trade regardless to the signal.
Another great feature about the Algobit signal system, is that you do not have to have a trading platform open as well- all trades are executed directly from the system, allowing the trader to watch the chart with accordance to his trade’s strike price.
Traders’ hit rates are rising rapidly since the launch of Algobit and are now hitting the amazing rise of 25%!
Rob Parter, a VIP trader with OptionBit had a $660 portfolio when he was offered to try the new system out, tells us: “When I was offered to try Algobit out, I was rather skeptical- I mean, most trading bots are not really good… But Algobit is completely different- instead of spending my time analyzing charts and reading the news, I could suddenly know which assets are profitable at which moment. All I had to do is follow the same assets according to Algobit’s signals and really watch my balance grow! This is an amazing system that didn’t only change my trading reality- but my reality in total!” it has only been a month and Rob’s portfolio is already at the amazing $2.386, and no- he did not make further investments to his account.
Algobit is definitely this year’s most innovative trading tool introduced to the options’ trading industry.

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