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Banc de Swisse

BDSwiss review

15 September 2014 • Broker

Banc de Swisse Although BDSwiss was founded two years ago, precisely in 2012 ,the brokerage house has made great strides to emerge one of the leading brokers .The success of this binary options broker have been attributed to its superb customer services and the great returns that it offers on to the investors. A reliable platform will surely give an investor great confidence to trade.

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A look at the binary options market in less than two years clearly showed a market which is undeveloped. With the entry of BDSwiss, the market has transformed Austria and German binary options trading platform, it is now vibrant, something which is directly associated with this binary options broker.
Any investor will be interested in knowing the platform a given binary option broker uses. It is important to note that most of the brokers do not have their own platform, since developing such software is overwhelming in terms of the time that is used as well as the cost that is incurred. Most of the brokers would not like want to tie huge sums of money building a system which can be sourced elsewhere and function as effective as it would when developed on own. BDSwiss uses SpotOption as its trading platform; the use of this software is one of the strengths of this broker as it is possible to offer diverse assets, therefore giving the investor a wide range to choose from increasing the chances of getting higher returns. This Broker deals with more one hundred and seventy assets from various classes. Apart from the number of assets at disposal, the investors are bound to benefit from the extensive functions which are used in analyzing the prices of different assets. This platform allows the investors to trade in classic binary options, as well as one touch options, at the moment the other variations are not available but given the kind of success that this broker has recorded in a matter of a short span, one can only expect that things will be moving towards the right direction on this end.

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The number of assets that any trader out there can trade in in BDSwiss, as indicated earlier is high, this gives the investor a chance to play around with different areas of investment, this not only helps in spreading the risks but also increases the chances of earning higher returns. If a trader is interested in trading in Forex market, this is one of the options that is available here and has proved to be very popular with investors just like is the case in other trading platforms. Stocks as well as commodities such as silver, oil and gold are also available to those who would like to venture into their lucrative markets.
The returns are handsome, this broker represents the dream of any investment advisor, it is possible to get as high as 85% in terms of returns within a single trade. This is a kind of return that you may not get anywhere else, an indication that this trading broker has taken the interest of investors in mind, giving them what they deserve, a high return for their investment.
BDSwiss does not have a demo account and they have given genuine reasons for this. A demo account is only used to introduce the investors especially the new one to the trading platform, here they do not use real money. While it is true that a trade can gain insightful knowledge and experience using a demo account, there is no evidence that this is the only way to achieve this. When you dive into unfamiliar territory, you try everything possible to navigate, you may make mistakes or get lost but you learn a vital lesson, sharpening your skills to a greater level. A person who uses a demo account will most likely be overcautious when it comes to real account, this increases the chances of losing on sweetest deals, and this is what BDSwiss perhaps and most likely would not want for its customers.
Depositing and payments methods are important aspects that any investor should consider while looking for a broker. Opening an account with BDSwiss only requires a minimum of 100 euros. Making deposits has been made easier for the customers as they can conveniently deposit using platforms such as, credit card direct deposits, eWallet, skrill or money bookers. Payout is also simple; it is made through the same platforms.
BDSwiss is well backed by its mother company, Keplero Holding Limited which is headquartered at Cyprus. This location makes it possible for the broker to participate both in EU and non EU member countries. The location also means that the broker is regulated since CySEC has begun regulating market of this nature.
Ban de Swiss is a great platform that gives the investors a wide range of options as well as promising a high returns on investment.

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