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binary options trading

Binary options trading on the weekend with IQ Option

16 July 2015 • Binary options

Binary options trading presents a wonderful opportunity for an investor , it allows him or her to put her many in financial instruments which are quite promising although the risk involved is high. There has been attempt to paint binary options as gaming or betting, but this is further from the truth , in binary options you are dealing with the assets and strategically use the available information on these assets to predict the direction of their prices. Having said that the other advantage presented by this trade is that you can engage in trade in any day of the week as opposed to most security markets which only open on weekdays and in limited number of hours. With some brokers such as IQ Option , there is trading in Saturday and Sunday as well as in the other days of the week. This gives individuals who would like to engage in the trade when most of the security markets are closed to do so without the hassle of competing with other traders. It is also worth noting that not all binary options brokers operate on weekends, some are only open for five days a week and then on then there is no trading on Saturday and Sunday. Those who open for trading on Saturday and Sunday have become favorites to many traders as they give them an opportunity to engage in trade when the market is a bit cool. When the security market is not experiencing heavy traffic.
binary options trading
Weekend binary options over the counter trade gives the investors an opportunity to make a handsome profit within a short time , this is due to the reason that they most allow thirty and sixty minutes expiries.One may be asking where I can get places where security markets are open during the weekend. The answer to this question is simple, for a start it is important to note that not all security exchanges close during the weekend, some remain operational even on Saturday and Sunday. Also the aspect of time difference also comes in , when the Americans are deep asleep the Australians are wide awake going about their business, this means that when one part of the world is asleep the other side of the globe is busy trading on securities. There are also parts of the world , for example in middle east where trading runs through Sunday to Thursday, this means that the security markets will be open on Saturday and Sunday , giving the investors an opportunity to engage in trade even on the weekends. This means that exploring the global markets and diversifying on the assets which are traded in the binary options market is the prudent thing to do, it not only increases your portfolio but also the chance to make higher gains.Markets which are open over the weekend include the DFM Index in Dubai, UAR, THE Tel Aviv 25 Index, Kuwait Stock Exchange and Tadawul Index of Saudi Arabia. Others include those that can be explored in other places in the world especially in regard to time differences. You do not have to restrict yourself to binary options over the counter trading only on the weekdays, you can explore markets which are open during Saturday and Sunday and increase the chances of making it big in this lucrative but risky market.

One point to note here is that just like trading during the weekdays, it is crucial that an investor monitors the news and events that are taking places in different places in the world as they definitely have an impact on the prices of various assets of trade. One may relax during the weekend and only indulge in the trade not knowing of the events which are shaping the security prices; this might lead to wrong predictions leading to heavy losses in a period that high returns are expected.

Binary options trading on the weekend

As earlier indicated IQ Option is one of the brokers who offer Saturday and Sunday trading, where binary options over the counter transactions are allowed, this means that the traders make these transactions over terms which are prescribed and special. The payout rates are very attractive during this period, for example when dealing with currencies one can get close to eighty seven percent payout rates, a threshold which is pretty high compared to what one would expect during the weekdays. If you are keen about gaining high in the binary options trade, one should consider engaging in this activity when the market in some parts of the world is closed. IQ Option offers the opportunity to make money, all that one has to do is open an account provide the details such as name, email address and password and start trading. The broker also gives the investors a demo account where you are not required to make any initial deposit.
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