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IQ Option Review

IQ Option review

1 June 2015 • Broker


IQ Option totally free demo account!

IQ Option Binary options trading has gained momentum, the trade has become lucrative and popular, investors are appreciating the returns presented by this new venture. On the same note the number of brokers has also grown tremendously, investors are now spoilt for a choice as far as selecting a binary options broker is concerned. It is important to do your homework well before beginning to trade with any broker out there, you need to get a much information as possible so that as you go about it, it will be from an informed point of view.

iq option 4.0 new platform

  1. Totally Redesigned Platform – Featuring WEBGL
  2. New Chart Types
  3. More Indicators: Bollinger bands, RSI, MACD, Parabolic SAR Stochastic oscillator, Awesome oscillator, Fibonacci
  4. Up to nine graphs in one screen
  5. New Application for OS X and Windows


IQ Option Review

So, IQOption is one of the most popular platforms in binary options trade and this article is a review of the broker outlining the features as well as what the investor is bound to gain through using the broker in trade.

IQOption is operate by IQOption Europe, based in Cyprus, the company is fully licensed and authorized to engage in this trade. It is important to understand that there are some companies out there which are not registered or authorized to trade; such knowledge normally helps the trader to safeguard his or her hard earned cash.

Totally Free Demo Account

To be an investor, IQoption  does not require any deposit , all that one has to do is to register through opening an account where one gives the general personal details. After opening an account every new trader is entitled to a free demo account. This account helps a new investor to learn how to trade, one can use the free demo account for a limited period or until they feel they are confident enough to start dealing with real assets. At IQOption, anew trader uses the demo account to acquaint themselves with the trading platform, once they gain enough confidence, they can move to the next level where trading is through use of the real assets.

iqoption does not require any deposit for demo account


Minimum Deposit is only $10

The minimum deposit required to engage in the binary options trade is only $ 10, this is an affordable amount, the platform does not lock those who may be starting out but have little in terms of deposit, with only ten dollars one can engage in trade and earn handsome amount out of a small deposit.

iqoption deposit


Minimum Trade is only $1

The minimum required to trade is as low as one dollar, this again is affordable even to new traders making this platform one of the best for those who are starting out and want to get value for their money and also earn something out of it.

Most of the binary options brokers have a high payout rate, IQOption has a payout rate of ninety two percent one of the highest in the whole industry. Trading with a binary options broker who promises to pay out on time goes along way in assuring an investor that he or she will get the money when it is required.

When it comes to customer support, investors are assured of an around the clock interactive web based education, where they can ask questions or seek clarifications on any issue regarding trade. Such a forum assists the investors to make informed decision as well as avoid costly mistakes which can ruin their investment portfolio.

iqoption trade 1$

Deposit and Withdraw with IQ Option

Depositing and withdrawing in this platform is easy and convenient , investors can use almost available money transfer and payment systems , talk of paypal, credit and debit cards such as Visa , Skrill , money web and even wire transfer. This makes it easy for the investors to trade , when you know that you can easily access your money you are bound to use the platform again. It is on this premise that IQOption aims at making payment and withdrawals means accessible to ll the investors.

Binary Options APP

IQOptions is available as an app, this allows the users to access it even with their mobile devices , when it comes to platforms one can easily access it using mac , windows , ipad , android as well as iphone, this means that users can trade using any of the operating system.

Currently there are more than seventy assets which investors can use in the platform, they are spread across different industry, this helps the traders to spread their risks too. The assets range from indices, currencies, stocks of various companies and a variety of commodities.

When it comes to the reputation of the binary options broker, IQOption is recognized out there as one of the best platforms, it has been recognized on several occasions for its exemplary performance and unrivalled customer care.

IQ Option complete review


With advancement in technology, new ways of investments are emerging, sometimes back it was not common for people to work from home or just stay in the house with a computer and earn some income. With advancement of technology, this has now become popular. Binary options trading is one of the trades that have emerged allowing people to earn some income through trading on some assets right at the comfort of their desk or house. Binary options trade has only been with us for a few years but it has recorded phenomenal growth prompting it to be recognized as one of the fastest growing online trade as well as the most promising income generating activity. The growth of this type of trade is mainly attributed with the ease at which an individual or an investor can enter as well as its flexibility given that one can trade on various assets right at the comfort of his or her house. The trade is also easy to understand, any new entrants is taken through a learning process which in most cases as we will see later in our discussion is free. This allows the new traders to learn the basics of the binary options trade, grasping all the necessary moves before moving to the main trading where they are supposed to use the real assets. The fact that anyone coming in as a new investor is allowed to learn makes this trade popular given that most of the other activities or trades involve someone indulging fully right from the start without first having to learn the game. Binary options normally operate on a different platform where one is encouraged to learn the basics first before moving in to trade with the real assets. This gives a new investor time to amass knowledge, learn the tricks and be in a position to use the real assets to make a kill.
iqoption open account

Perhaps you are asking yourself, what is a binary option and what does it entail? This review will cover most of the aspects of binary options moving towards a direction of a specific binary options broker. The discussion will help you understand everything that is needed to be a successful binary options trader and also give a detailed description and review of one of the popular binary options trading platform, the IQOption. Lets us start by having a clear understanding what binary options stands for. In simpler terms, the phrase binary options has two words binary , which means two and options basically means the ways which can be used to accomplish a given task. Taken literary, the phrase basically means “two ways”. One of the most popular definition of the term binary options talks of a payoff where the options which are available are all or nothing, this means that the investor or the trade who is participating in this either gets everything or losses all, this is a definition which has been described as an extreme since it only identifies the far ends , where one gains or losses all. Binary options involves a trader making a prediction concerning the movement of asset and upon the expiry of the period one either makes a gain or a loss. The gain or loss in this trade is mainly based on Yes or No , clearly explaining why it is popularly referred to as binary.

The flexibility of the binary options makes this trade popular; it gives the investors options which are not available in the traditional markets. The investments are normally short term making this trade beneficial for people who are looking to make a gain within a short time either to finance their immediate needs or to get additional funds for investment.

To clearly understand how the binary options trade operates, it is necessary to have a clear picture on how the traditional markets work. In most of the investments, one normally buys assets and hold on to them, to profit from such, one has to sell at a higher price that they bought, otherwise selling at a price which is lower than the purchasing price will automatically be a loss and money is lost in this case. This type of investment is normally characterized by psychological stress as the trader is on constant worry, mainly about when to dispose or release the asset. This kind of stress is non existence in binary options trade, it much easier, the decision to exit is already predetermined; one only needs to play it right through making the right prediction and within the expiry of the period the results will be known.

With this background, it is now possible to understand how the binary options operate, lets take our discussion to IQ Option, one of the most popular binary options trading platform.

IQ Option is one of the binary options trading platform, it provides effective tools as well as indicators allowing the investors to trade in the platform easily and with a lot of confidence. The trading platform has been operation since 2013, it is now almost seven years old in this trade, a proof that it is serves the investors right and at the same time its credibility rate is high. For the last seven years, IQOption has been growing stronger, presenting the investors with tools which help them make some money online. Its user friendliness, efficiency and ease of use are some of the indicators that have made it remain at the top and also last for such a long period in an industry which is characterized by risks and uncertainty. IQ Option is predicted to continue growing strong providing the investors with more opportunities to make money in a secure environment and user friendly manner.

IQOption traces its history in Europe, as that was the first continent where it was presented, the traders from this region were the first to use it , it has grown and now is available to more countries giving binary options traders an option to trade in one of the most reputable and user friendly platform. It gained high reputation among the traders, where it became very popular within a very short period of time. IQ Option further developed and spread to other European countries and even moved further to China and America. The platform has grown to include other options such as mobile apps both for Android and Ios.


In binary options trading, it is important to ensure that the broker you are dealing with has met all the requirements in your country. Given the nature of risk and sensitivity of this kind of trade , it makes a lot of sense for any investor to carry out a due diligence exercise. This will ensure that you are dealing with a company which is operating legally and at the same time the broker has meet all the terms and conditions set by the regulator. It is not just enough to look at how the company conducts itself or the conditions set by the broker, it needs a further analysis to ascertain that you are dealing with a company that observes the rules. Dealing with a company which has not meet all the requirement can be dangerous as the same broker might flout the rules and even its own condition and give the investors a raw deal, in such a manner they risk losing everything while the company is laughing all the way to the bank.

IQOption seems to understand clearly the need to assure the clients of their funds safety, the company has complied with all the rules, it is fully registered and licensed to carry out binary options trade. It is licensed by CySEC , The Cyprus Security Commission , a body that monitors the activities of brokers and company which are offering financial services. The organization is mandated to check whether the companies have meet the compliance laws and are abiding by all the rules that govern the industry. IQOption operates under the law and its license is no 247/11. Compliance with the laws and regulation is seen as an important aspect by IQOptions, it also demonstrates the company willingness to play by the rules. This is also seen as a responsible gesture , a company which seriously believes in compliance with the law is worth doing business with, the fact that they do this also indicates that they are always willing to meet their part of the bargain.

The company believes that clients funds must be protected by all means; this is partly demonstrated by the compliance of the law and also putting in place strong measures to ensure that only those who are eligible participate in the trade. Those who are seeking to engage in financial malpractices have no place in this company as shown by its strict terms and conditions. The company is fraud proof, those who may have intention of reaping where they have not sown , are put on notice , the system put in place as well as the fact that the company is well regulated ensures deters fraudsters.

The company also maintains compensation funds as a guarantee that the client interests are well protected. In a scenario where a broker is not in a position to fulfill their financial obligations, the compensation funds will come in to save the situation. The company also participates in the investor compensation fund, another indicator that it is seriously committed to the welfare of the investors. IQOption also offers a refund of up to forty five percent to those who may lose their funds when they make wrong prediction. In this trade an investor is guaranteed that even after making a wrong prediction which automatically leads to a loss, they will not lose everything, at least some amount might be recovered through a refund system. Not many companies offer this kind of refund, to investors once you make a mistake or the results do not come as expected one loses a given amount. This a positive for this binary option trading platform, it gives the investors some confidence, knowing clearly that all will not be lost.

3. Opening an account at IQOption

It is easy to judge a binary options trading platform by the mode of opening an account. Some of the platforms have a complicated system where a new investor gets challenged. To make the matters worse, these platforms have not provided a mechanism where one would get assistance. They have not provided a training manual which would refer to in the course of opening an account or even navigating through the system. For IQOption, things are different , it one of the platforms which require the least details and an investor who is opening an account for the first time does not need any external assistance, the system is clear and self explanatory , it is what some might describe as straightforward. To enjoy the benefits presented by IQOption trading platform requires opening an account and becoming a member of one of the two accounts. The process is easy and simple, the details which are needed are few and there are no restrictions. To get started you will need to log into the website. Search for the section where registration process is initialized and fill in all the details which are required. You will need to provide your name, address and other important details to be allowed to create an account. Upon filling all the fields as required and submitting, the applicant will receive an activation code through the email address provided. One is required to activate the account; the code will direct you to an IQ Option Platform. For those who are new they will click on “how to trade” section in the top right corner of the screen , here they will get a step by step guide which will take them through the platform. It is recommended that any new investor register a demo account , use it to learn various tips which can be used to make a successful trade and only transit to using real money once comfortable and ready to risk their money. It is worth noting that a demo account is limited in terms of the trading opportunities available .In terms of the number of assets, they are limited to thirteen but they will be enough to help you learn and also make a decision on whether to deposit real money and try your luck in binary options trade.

The next registration step involves selection of the option type, the tournaments, list of assets and other details which will assist you in managing the account.

If you want to open a real account, got to personal account and select the amount you want to deposit. Select the right amount, there are also various modes of payment available, they range from PayPal, credit card, debit cards among other, choose the most appropriate.

Withdrawal process follows the same procedure but one has to wait for a number of days for the money to be available, for real account, it can take between two to three days while a VIP account , one should allow for a period not less than twenty four hours.


4. IQ Option Demo account

One of the advantages with Binary Options trading is the fact that the traders both new and experienced are given a chance to trade using demo account before they move to the main platform. With a demo account, new investor will learn all that is required to successfully participate in the trade; it is a forum where one gets acquainted with the system. Here one is not afraid of making a loss since real money is not used. One gets to practice and learns various tricks which will come in hand when engaging in the real trade. Demo account is not only useful to a new trader but also to the experienced investors. On a timely basis, a binary options broker introduces new changes in the account, this means that everyone who is involved in the trade need to familiarize with the new developments. No one would like to risk his or her own hard earned cash, therefore demo account forms a reliable platform where one can sharpen skills and also acquaint with the new changes in the binary options trade. At IQ Option , a demo account is normally issued free of charge , for the new investors all they need to do is to provide the necessary details during the registration process and they will be given a demo account to kick off the process before they can graduate to a higher level where they are supposed to use real money. An demo account at IQOption comes with thirteen assets giving an new investor a wide range of investment options to learn. Since this is just an introductory session the number of assets varies from the platform which require use of real money. Here , one the trading opportunities are limited in comparison with the platforms which require real money. Trading at IQ Option demo account does not involve use of real money; therefore one does not have to worry about losses. The account is also free ,to both the inexperienced and experienced investors. There are some platforms where the new investors are charged to use a demo account, IQOption recognizes that inexperienced investors need to be accorded an opportunity to learn how to trade, when they do not use real money and are not charged any fee for this, they gain confidence and they are able to grasp all that is required to successfully participate in a forum where they need to make payments. The platform also comes with an easy deposit and withdrawal option, no hassles or fees , all that an investor has to do is to select the mode of payment and initiate the required transaction.

Although a free demo account at IQ Option has limited trading opportunities new and experienced traders are assured of learning trading strategies. The new investors will trade risk free, allowing them to make mistakes without making losses, the experienced traders will learn the new strategies helping them to become better binary options traders, with that kind of training they are higher chances of making higher gains. For those who want to venture into binary options trade , the demo account from IQ Options provides a golden opportunity to learn more and perfect the game, upon registration one will be given “practice money” and trade with thirteen assets, according to most of those who have used the account , one comes out ready to trade using real money, and the chances of success are high since this platform is meant to shape an invest to be a better strategist. The training also accords a trader a chance to evaluate the platform, one may be moving from other brokers to IQOption , there is a need to familiarize with the system despite the fact that one has been in this trade for sometime, this gives the investor confidence required to successfully trade in binary options. IQ Options does not bother traders with obsessive call, it provides them will all the information required while they are training with the demo account. An experienced trader also get a chance to review the financial markets, using the practice money and the thirteen assets which are provided for the demo accounts , one is able to review the market , this gives an individual a better understanding of the market and further helps in building a strong trading foundation.

For those who may be interested in knowing much about IQ Option trading platform and perhaps compare it with others, this type of an account gives them an opportunity even before they commit their funds. It is a golden opportunity to evaluate the system before making a decision to register or wholly participate in the trade. A platform where a new come as well as an experienced trader is given a chance to familiarize with the system is worth trying, it is an indication of the commitment that the company has in investors , eager to see them learn about the system before they can start trading on real money.

5.Real Money

After investors are satisfied that they have fully familiarized themselves with the platform, have gained the necessary skills and at the same time exercised their skills, now they can graduate to accounts where they get to use real money. Here they are assured of trading with more than seventy assets drawn from various sectors. Investors get up to forty five percent in terms of returns in an event they make a wrong prediction. This is an assurance to the investors that they cannot lose all their money in case they make a mistake when predicting. New investors should not be afraid to move to a real account once they feel confident, the forty five percent returns in an event of a prediction go wrong should form as basis for indulging deeper in the trade. It is only through practicing that one is assured of making big gain, one can sharpen the skills through constant trading. A real account unlike a demo account gives a trader a full access to the trading opportunities, there are no limitations. Having a wide range of assets to trade with opens great opportunity for traders, their chances of making profits out of their prediction increases. A real account also gives a trader a chance to benefit from various bonuses which are given on the deposits which are made in the account. A trade with IQOptions is assured of up to eighty percent of bonuses on every deposit they make, one is encouraged to deposit more and also participate in the trade as much as they can, this increases the chances of making a handsome gain and also benefiting from the incentives that are given to the traders. Apart from bonuses there are competitions which traders can enter and win a lot of gifts, the trading competitions are held on a regular basis, participation in these competitions is not restricted , one only need to have a real account to be eligible. When it comes withdrawals, traders are looking for platforms which promise easy access to their money. A platform need to have a payment mode which is flexible, where investors can get their money when they need and in a mode that is convenient. Withdrawals at IQOptions are pretty fast compared to other platforms, traders are assured of getting their money within three days of withdrawal, and their money is ready for reinvestment or use within seventy two hours upon making a withdrawal. The minimum balance or deposit that one should make to trade in a real account with IQOption is affordable, starting with a deposit of $ 10, an investor is assured to begin trade and start earning. Compared with other platforms where minimum deposit range from $100, IQOption is quite affordable, it does not lock any investors even those who are taking precautionary measures through starting small and aiming at building their portfolio. When it comes to deposits, the process is as easy as the withdrawal procedure. There are various modes of payment available to make this transaction; this makes it easy for the investors to avail money which they later use to trade in the platform. A real money account with IQ Option gives the traders a chance to earn some profits out of making predictions using a wide range of assets, it is an opportunity to increase one’s earnings, the chances of making a gain increases since the platform ensures that investors are well prepared through availing a forum where the new and existing clients can learn how to trade and strategize. Binary options traders who have selected this platform as their trading partner are usually advised to proceed with the real money trade once they feel they are comfortable enough to use real money. Once they graduate to real money account they are assured of even more benefits, they are even more when one upgrades to a VIP account.

6.VIP account

Trading at IQOption platform even gets better with a VIP account, there are more features to be enjoyed at this level, the benefits also increase. Just like in a real money account, the number of assets available at this level is more than seventy. With such kind of a portfolio, making mistakes when predicting may be a rare thing. You are assured of getting it right if you use the right strategies. To make it at this level , one needs to be highly informed , follow up on the performance of the companies which you would like to make predictions, do a financial market analysis and you are good to go, all set to make a gain out of the lessons that you have learnt in various stages. At this level the investor is guaranteed of the full access to all the trading opportunities, the trader will not only be locked by his or her fears or failure to strategize while approaching the market. Each time a depositor makes a deposit there are bonuses which will come his or her way and this time ,they are over and above what an investor at the level of real money get, one is assured of up to hundred percent in terms of bonuses. The investor at IQOption can also participate in the trading competitions, where they are likely to win various prices. Here one is not only assured of making some gains out of prediction but also a chance to emerge a winner in the various competitions. Withdrawals and deposits are some of the most important features in any binary options trading forum, investors need to deposit and withdraw their money at easy. Those who have selected IQ Options as their trading platform as assured of this, the process of depositing is made easy by availing different modes of payment, one can use a credit or debit card, make a wire transfer direct to the platform or use other methods such as Paypal , skrill, moneybookers among others. Withdrawal is even made more easy, any investor would be looking for a situation where money is available when needed, this is a faculty where most of the binary options brokers fail, they do not remit the money which have been withdrawn on time. Some are known to take a week or even more days. This not only inconveniences the investor but also affects the trade as some of the investors use the withdrawn funds to increase their volume of trade. IQOption seems to understand this very clearly and that is why they have made it possible for the members of the VIP class access their money or withdrawals faster than any other forum, here within twenty four hours of withdrawal, one is able to get the money.

For those who are in need of a personal manager, a VIP class as IQ Option comes with one, there are a lot of benefits to be derived through having a personal manager. One will learn all the tips which are necessary in a successful prediction. An investor will also get all the information necessary which will help him or her make an informed choice. There is also access to monthly analysis for the trading; this gives a clear picture on the performance of an individual.

Those who are afraid of making wrong predictions, there is a cushion by up to sixty percent, twenty more than what a real money account holder gets, this is an assurance that even if one losses in a bid, chances of losing everything are very slims, you will get a percentage of the amount invested.

7.Assets which are traded at IQOption

In binary options trade, assets are the items which are used in this financial transaction. They are wide range of assets that are traded here, they include: commodities such as gold, diamond and oil, stocks, indices, commodities, currencies among others.

Stocks: Companies normally issues shares for the purposes of raising capital, a stock is basically a share of a given company that is traded at stock market. The movement of the stock in the market is influenced by so many factors including the performance of a company and economy at large. If the company share is doing well, there are high likelihood that the company is performing well in terms of its profitability and the assets base. Examples of the popular stocks that are traded at the IQ Options include the telecommunication company Vodafone, the British Petroleum, Barclays bank, Standard Chartered, Llyods, Google, Yahoo and many others. What the trader does here is to predict the movement of the stocks, normally two things can happen; either the share appreciates or depreciates. In this trade an investor will make a prediction that a stock will be at a given position at a given time. If this happens, there is a win and if it does not move as predicted there is a loss. For example given the trend of Google inc shares in the market, one may predict that after six hours or such other specific time, the price will rise, if it turns out to be true a gain is made. At IQOptions shares of fifty companies are used for trade, some of these companies include: Barclays, Apple, Google, Daimler, Gazprom, Orange among others. A trader or an investor who has information on the movement of these and other stocks in the financial market will be in a position of predicting the direction in terms of price and make a prediction on the future trend, it is based on this movement that one will either win or lose in this trade.

Commodities such as wheat, gold, silver, diamond, cotton and others are also used as assets in binary options trade. The prices of these and other commodities fluctuate and rise on a daily bases, they may be affected by environmental conditions or other factors which either cause their production to decline. An individual who is familiar with the movement of prices for these commodities will make a prediction regarding how it will move within a given time. The most common commodities at IQ Option are gold and silver.

Indices are other assets that are traded in this unique market, they are normally a representation of market movement, they give a pointer on how the financial market is performing, the fluctuation from the base in either of the direction, whether it is going up or down. They normally are not dependent on the performance of an individual stock but rather a group of them, therefore it is more stable and has minimal troughs and peaks. The stability of indices means that they are rarely affected by the short term changes as is the case with commodities and stocks but they are known to be quite dramatic as witnessed in the recent times when they have turned one way or the other in an extended period of time. Examples of these instruments include the Dow Jones, FTSE-100 , IBEX-35, Nasdaq ,DAX -30 ,Composite and many others.

There are different currencies which are used around the world, actually each country has its own and for some especially those that have formed an economic bloc, a common currency is used by the members of a given bloc, for example all the member countries of European Union use euro as their currency in the course of exchanging goods and services, other currencies used across the world include United States Dollar, Yuan, Yen, Sterling Pound among others. The value of a currency normally fluctuates up and down, with some being highly volatile and other stable. The values of currencies vary; the variation is normally based on the exchange rates as well as other factors affecting the economy of a country. It is possible to predict the movement of a currency based on the parameters that have been mentioned above. Currency trade is normally against the other but in the global arena only a few major currencies are recognized, they include the pound, dollar, euro, yen and franc.

Without the above discussed assets, binary options trade would be non existent, they drive the market .As a trader the most important thing is to understand the movement of these assets and be in a position to make a prediction. The operation of the binary options market is different from the traditional stock market, where one would buy an asset and own it, normally the share would just form a minimal percentage in relation to the total number of shares in a given company but one becomes a shareholder. In binary options trade, one does not become a shareholder but one rather makes a prediction on how a share price of a given company will perform within a specified time.

8.Types of binary options at IQOption

Binary options market normally offers a number of options, to a new trader this may seem complicated or confusing but with time , one gets to understand the various types of options and how this knowledge can be optimized to give the best results in this trade. What a trader does is to select the method which best meets their trading needs, normally an experienced investor will choose a mix of methods given the prevailing conditions in the market as well as their expectation on the market movement in relation to the internal and external influences.

These are some of the binary options which are available at IQOption:

Digital Option

It is one of the most common, actually one is bound to find it in almost in every platform, it is also known as the up and down option or the call/put option. What the trader does here is place a call if he or she believes that a price of an asset will be at a level which is higher than the entry price once a given period expires, put on the other hand is a belief that the price will be at a level which is below the entry price once the contract period elapses. Here the investor will make a prediction on where he or she expects in the market. To make that conclusion, one must be equipped with the right information or what is called within these circles, the strategy. The investor must be aware of the price movement of a given assets, in normal circumstances, the shift may be minimal increasing the chances of making a wrong prediction. To help in this, one should have as much information as possible; this will ultimately assist in making the right prediction in regarding the call and put. When it comes to expiry periods, they range from one minute, 15 minutes, one hour or even at the end of the trading day. Once an investor has committed to trade at IQ Option using this type of binary option, one must monitor the trade to make sure that they exit at the right moment, this increases the chances of winning , a strategy is required to make the right prediction and increase the chances of making a gain.

Touch Option

This is another method of trading available at IQOption, investors can use it to make a prediction, it normally has the following variations: the double touch, one touch and touch. Here the method comes with predetermined rates which are needed for one to win in the trade, what the investor will do is make a prediction that the price of an asset will reach or simply touch or not reach , that is no touch. This is different from the other types especially digital where one is only supposed to make a general prediction of a price getting to a given point. At IQOption, these binary options are only purchased within specific period, mostly during the weekend, when the markets are closed for the weekend break. If it happens that an asset touches a given point within the course of trading a win is declared.

A No Touch only pays out when the level which was defined is not realized and the Double touch involves defining two levels.

60 second option

This is a method where the expiry is sixty seconds, it is a popular method at IQOption with traders preferring this especially those who gave limited times to trade. One advantage of this method , comes in when the asset price is moving in a given direction, one can take a full advantage , giving a room for maximization. Those traders who are willing to take a risk will be in a position of making quick money.

Boundary options

It is also referred to as tunnel or range option, it operates in a similar manner as the touch option but it has defined lower and upper boundaries. All that a trader needs is to stay within the two levels to get a payout. In a stable market, or when one is using a stable asset to trade, this type of option has been proved to be an ideal instrument.

Turbo binary option

This is normally referred to as the most speculative practice in the trading of binary options, one of the main characteristics of this method is the minimal expiry, and the trade opens and lasts for duration of one minute or 30 seconds. The option is also described as extremely risky and can only be profitable to those who are well familiar with the market. The options provides the traders with an option of long or short segments of time, the investor only have to predict the direction an asset will move and if they are right within a given period of time, they are considered to have won. One of the advantage of this method is that it is is easy to trade , on the other hand the method is extremely risky, it is vulnerable to certain types of market and high frequency of trade eventually leads to lower profitability, the method is also characterized by limited features.

Where other brokers offer a wide range of binary options, IQOption is known for its narrow list, actually there are about four options in this platform. This has its own advantages, in that it reduces complexity making it easy to select and also closely follow the movement of your selected asset.

IQOption in the mobile platform

Those who would like to access the platform using their smart phones or tablets will be happy to note that the IQOption is available; it is supported by Android and ios platforms. This allows the traders to access the forum at any time and also be able to withdrawal and deposit without much restriction. The mobile apps are as user friendly as the main platform, traders can execute trade and also be in a position to monitor progress regardless of where they are, this gives full control of their account and also allows them to participate more in this lucrative trade. All the trader has to do is install the app on the device and follow up the recommended procedures. The same process which applies in a web based platform applies, the only difference is that you will see a smaller screen on the device as compared to the other platform. There are few binary options trading platforms available on mobile platform,therefore one can conclude that this company is ahead of the pack in terms of delivering products which are in line with the needs of investors. With such a platform trading is more accessible and friendlier.

9. Education centre

IQ Option has been described as a self education platform, it offers an investor a chance to trade and also learn more about how the binary options trade operates. All newcomers have a chance to learn how the trade is conducted and what they are bound to gain through engagement in this trade. A demo account is one of the training modes available here, the platform makes sure that new comers do not just indulge in trade but have a mechanism through which they can familiarize themselves with the basics of the trade before they embark on using real money. The other knowledge which is imparted on the newcomers is the building of IQOption strategy, this is an important aspect as it helps the investor especially the new one to make wise decisions when trading. Strategy is one of the most important aspects in this trade, without it, one is likely to lose their hard earned cash. It is important to get these skills in order to make the right prediction, leading to win and making gains. IQOption has provided this pretty well, it has some tutorials which traders can use to familiarize themselves with the platform and also make winning predictions. The tutorials clearly show a new investor how to use the available tools efficiently. There is also a special education centre section where the traders can learn about the accounting information on binary options. The site also contains information about the general market and the strategies that an investor can use to make worthwhile decisions about the trade and particular assets. A new trader will also get information on the usage of various instruments available for trade. One of the most important tools in the binary options market is the market analytics; it is the tool that clearly indicates how the market is performing and particular how individual assets are performing in their respective sectors. This information will largely influence a trader decision, it is from this analysis that one can base the decision when making the prediction; it is the tool that will help in knowing which direction a particular asset is likely to take in a particular duration.

10. Withdrawal and Depositing methods

As mentioned earlier, IQ Option has various methods, through which one can make a deposit or withdrawal; in fact the platform is one of the forums that provide an easy way for the investors to either put money in or out. One of the most important things for an investor is to be able to deposit the money when in need and withdrawal it without any challenges. IQ Option offers that to its clients, they are able to deposit and at the same time withdrawal without any difficulties. Withdrawal can be made using any of the available modes of payment, whether PayPal, credit card, debit card, Skrill among other method, the investor basically selects the mode which is convenient. The number of days it will take for a withdrawal process to be complete depends on the type of account opened, for those who have opted to trade with a real account, this will be done within two to three days while for those trading in a VIP account , withdrawal is completed within one day.

The choice of account largely determines the returns, one ought to select an account which will give the kind of returns desired but one should also bear in mind that the risks also increase with the level of the account. Although the VIP account has higher returns and higher refunds compared with the real money account, it is worth noting that the risks are higher, that is as a trader you will be risking more in terms of the money invested but this is compensated by the higher bonuses and other benefits associated with this type of an account.


IQ Option is one site which shows a lot of creativity, the cool three dimension chart which has candles and wonderful quotes is a reflection of the seriousness the site owners take their business. Hardly will you be bombarded with numerous advertisements, this a clear differentiation, it is a cut above the rest. The charts are mostly linear clearly showing how the market is performing, it is one which one does not need to be an expert in financial matters to understand, it is self explanatory a closer look at it will give a picture which will help in making a decision. It is professionally presented yet simple to understand.

12. Language which are supported in the platform

IQ Option is a strong believer of diversity, giving all people regardless of their background or culture a chance to earn some money out a financial market that is most lucrative. This is clearly indicated by the number of languages that are supported by the platform. With the languages which are supported here, every person from any part of the world can participate in the trade. There are about seven languages which are supported here: Russian, English, Indonesia, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese. Given that these languages are the major ones in the world, every person is represented making this platform available to all who may be interested in participating in one of the most popular binary options market. No one is locked out due to language barrier. With inclusion of these languages it is clear that IQ Option provides an environment which caters for all.

Also, as a multi lingual site, IQ Options is a place where one can get answers to various questions they have regardless of the languages they use, as long as it is listed as one of the site languages. Those who do not speak English but can communicate in one of the languages listed on the site can be able to get in touch with the platform and their questions will be responded without any delay.

IQ Option is a solid investment platform; it is a reputable site which traders can use to trade for binary options. It is recommended for signing up as a member , register in any of the accounts available , get a demo account and start trading in one of the most lucrative but risky financial market. If you are new only get into the real trading when you are comfortable you can carry out binary options using real money. Do not move to a real account when you are not prepared to trade or even losing money, when you feel that you are comfortable and can accept the outcome , regardless of whether it is favorable or not and have mastered the strategies , graduate to real money account or VIP and start trading.

Although this analysis has found these positives about IQ Option, traders are always advised to be cautious when investing their money on binary options trade. Just like any market it is not guaranteed that as a trader you will make gains, sometimes you may lose, it normally depends on the strategy used, therefore it is important for any trader out there to know of the risks involved and observe caution while participating in trade. It is always advisable to put money that one can afford to lose do not go investing with an amount which you cannot afford to lose. It is not only in binary options market, any other financial market will present the same risks, one may lose and also depending on the conditions of the market there are chances of winning.

Summary of IQOption

Web address:

Company: IQ Option

Registered Office: Vasileos Pavlou , 60 Agios Domentios , 2360 Nicosia Cyprus

Platform used: Custom (Own ,IQ Option)

Free demo account: This is available and one is not required to make any deposit, it is absolutely free

Minimum deposit: For the demo account, no deposit is required , for the real account one is required to make a deposit of at least $ 10 and for VIP account $ 1000

Minimum Operation: $1

Types of withdrawal: Bank cards, webmoney, Skrill, PayPal, YandexMoney, Moneta, Liqpay, Qiwi

Languages : English , Russian, Spanish, Italian, Indonesia, Turkish , Portuguese

Mobile app: Android and iOS

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