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Bitcoin Trading

Why Bitcoin Trading is the Next Big Thing in Binary Options

23 January 2017 • Binary options

Bitcoin Trading is the Next Big Thing in Binary Options

Yes, you can use bitcoin trading in your binary options, and it’s set to be the next big thing. Here’s what you need to know so you can earn more.

Did you know that you can use bitcoin trading in your binary options?

Bitcoins are becoming more popular than you think.

We put together a useful guide to understanding bitcoin trading within binary options and everything you need to know to be successful.

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Understanding Bitcoins and Binary Options

Before we get into how bitcoin trading works within your binary options, here is a few definitions that will help you understand how bitcoin trading works.

What are bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a type of digital money or currency that is created and logged electronically. Nobody controls bitcoins, they are not printed out like paper bills.

Bitcoins are manufactured by people (especially businesses) and are one of the first types of currency known as cryptocurrency.

Bitcoins are different from typical currency because it is completely decentralized– no institution or major power controls bitcoin networks. That means that third parties like predatory banks are out of the picture.

Bitcoin is notoriously difficult for a lot of people to grasp. Sometimes you need to be explained something in a way a five-year-old would understand.

What are binary options?

Binary options are financial options where the payoff is a locked currency amount or nothing at all.

Binary options are also known as “all-or-nothing” options, digital options, and FROs (fixed return options).

Bitcoin Trading with Binary Options

Now that you understand bitcoins and binary options, let’s explore how the two can be combined.

How it works

It is now possible to trade binary options with bitcoins.

To do so, simply deposit bitcoins into your account and then trade on these three things:

  • Currencies
  • Commodities
  • Indices

You can do with bitcoins exactly what you can do with cash when it comes to binary trading. If successful, you could possibly make real money without spending real money.

To make the process simpler to understand, think of it this way. You can trade bitcoin with binary options in two different main ways.

Bitcoins can

  1. be used as a form of exchange (currency) or
  2. as an asset.

To use bitcoins as a medium of exchange, you will need to trade different assets within financial markets with bitcoins.

Say you trade American dollars with Japanese yen and bank on the rising and falling exchange rate. If you are successful, you will be paid in bitcoins instead of typical currency.

One of the biggest benefits of using bitcoins within binary trading is the cost. With bitcoins, the cost of transactions will be significantly lower.

Bitcoins’ value change rapidly and are based on user demand, meaning you can protect yourself from bitcoin fluctuations by earning more money through profits from trading.

The importance of bitcoins

We live in a world where all money is controlled by major institutions like banks.

Should we break that very difficult bond and move on to a self-controlled, incorruptible means of currency, the world could work a lot differently– and better.

Start Trading!

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